Annual Subscription Rates

The Habitats Regulations Assessment Handbook and Journal is available on a subscription basis according to the rates set out below. The content of the Handbook will be regularly reviewed and updated to take account of new case law and changes in Government policy and guidance, providing an ongoing service to subscribers. All subscribers will also receive a copy of each edition of the Habitats Regulations Assessment Journal as part of their annual fee.


Subscription benefits include:

  • Access to the guidance currently informing decision making and advice within Natural England, Natural Resources Wales, Joint Nature Conservation Committee, Environment Agency, Planning Inspectorate and Marine Management Organisation; making sure your assessment gets it right from the start.
  • Access to detailed methodological guidance for plans and for projects
  • Downloadable templates for recording an assessment and facilitating consultation
  • Downloadable flowcharts and tables for use within your assessment
  • Access to detailed ‘principles’ derived from case law and Government guidance and applicable to all plans and projects.
  • Staying in touch with events and others in the field through regular articles, reviews and updates in the accompanying HRA Journal


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Individual concurrent user (* see below) subscription rates
Electronic subscription £350

Electronic AND Hardcopy additional annual surcharge

(**see below)



Multiple concurrent user (* see below) electronic subscription rates

2 users £600
3 users £850
4 users £1100
5 users £1300
6 users £1500
7 users £1700
8 users £1850
9 users £2000
10 users £2150
10+ users Please contact us to discuss
 Multi-user AND hardcopy additional annual surcharge

(**see below)

£100 per copy
Third sector organisation subscription rates
Please deduct 50% from the above electronic subscription rates

VAT is zero-rated on all subscription and hardcopy charges.

The subscription runs for 12 months from the date that payment is received and is renewable on or before the anniversary date to guarantee continuity of service.


*Further information on ‘concurrent users’


What is a concurrent user?

The ‘concurrent’ user licence allows for login details to be used by more people in a subscriber organisation over a period of time than the specified number of users. This recognises that some organisations have staff who will access the handbook less regularly but would still benefit from access. For example a small consultancy with 5 ecologists can ‘share’ a single user subscription recognising it is unlikely that they will regularly be accessing the Handbook at the same time and the costs of 5 individual subscriptions would be disproportionate to the frequency of usage.


How does this work in practice?

If you are considering a multiple user subscription then we would strongly recommend that you get in touch to discuss your requirements with us and we can advise as to the level of access which would be appropriate.  The 10 concurrent user rate is more appropriate to our larger statutory body subscribers.  Larger consultancies may also need to increase their concurrent access allowance, perhaps for a period of time to deal with a specific case load or complex plan or project. In order to ensure continuity of service we never deny access. Instead, concurrent usage is monitored remotely and if we record usage rates higher than we would expect we will contact you to discuss whether a user allowance should be increased, perhaps temporarily. 

What is included in the subscription?

The subscription includes:

  • Secure password access to all available versions of the Habitats Regulations Assessment Handbook on line, updated as necessary
  • 1 electronic (pdf) copy of the Habitats Regulations Journal, issued at least twice a year to your e mail address, starting about six months after first publication of the Handbook – a degree of flexibility in publication dates allows for the Journal to include anticipated / expected changes or events. Back copies will be available to all subscribers through the website.
  • **For electronic subscriptions with hardcopy: in addition to the above, 1 hardcopy of the Habitats Regulations Assessment Handbook, in loose leaf ring-bound format incorporating updates to the point of dispatch and further hardcopy updates issued during the relevant subscription period, and 1 hardcopy of each edition of the Journal by post.
    • Hardcopies of the England and Wales version of the Handbook will be dispatched within one week of an order being placed.
    • As set out in our terms and conditions (refer clause 1.4), all hardcopy versions of the Handbook remain the property of DTA Publications Limited and are provided for your personal or internal use and updated as necessary as part of your subscription. We shall provide pre-paid packaging for the return of hardcopies upon non-renewal of a subscription, when the subscriber will be responsible for completing the packing and return. 

We will endeavour to make available (at no extra cost) hard copies of large print or other tailored versions of the Handbook and Journal.

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